Monday, June 28, 2010

Media Marketing Artists

While it has finally come to light, the mightiness that is stored in "Social Media Marketing", to few still understand what a powerful tool it can really be. Yes, there are many self proclaimed "media marketing experts" out there, but you need to ask yourself and determine, what particular area of expertise are they really adept in. Personally, since talking and engaging in some form of social media marketing even before it was known as that, I experimented with a lot of tools, trying to find the right blend that would allow "poor starving artists" a leg up on competitors who were well financed, but with to little patience to get to deeply involved. What I found is, they need to be deeply involved. Learn all that you can because this is only the beginning. A good starting point maybe to peruse some specialized college course curriculum's that are beginning to offer classes in Internet Marketing. One I especially like is Full Sail down in Florida. They seem to be way out front on all this.

Perhaps it was a mistake on my part to ever think I should take on such a monumental task. After all, I've had my share of heartbreak and misery, brought on by the teasingly, seductive nature of the Internet. Sometimes it seems like, whenever you come close to really breaking through, something shows up. It's as if something (or someone) is watching over your shoulder, taking note of each and every little move you make. I guess it's only human nature mixed with a feeling of angst why I kind of feel this way. The only thing people care about these days is the almighty dollar. Period. Not God, no family. Just money. It's the only thing that matters to them. And so goes the initial promise of the Internet, never meant to live free at all. Pity too. Can you imagine the promise that has been lost?

Shifting to another gear; Performing artists, more than others, really need "Social Media Marketing", in order to remain relevant in today's "virtual world climate". People are becoming so detached from one another in the "real world". It's really kind of cold, brrr. Broadcasting performing artists, building recognition and audience for them, that's a start. Artists, get yourself and your content in place now! Devote yourself to really learning a lot more social media than FB and Twitter. You're gonna need it. While your at it, check us out at Break a leg!

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